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Andrea Gregory Aiken City Council District 5 has a passion for our community's History, Traditions, and Culture.  These three things make Aiken an amazing place for all who visit or live here.  We need to stay true to preserving these attributes.  They are what make Aiken a "diamond in the rough". Let's work together to conserve our Aiken traditions and culture and continue to share this beautiful place with the rest of society.  If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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This particular issue has been increasingly popular in the City of Aiken.  Why exactly?  It is an issue that needs to be addressed, and discussed among the community, our city officials and decision
makers. With our beautiful history comes aging infrastructure.  Andrea Gregory Aiken City Council District 5 is pushing for change, and is meeting daily with city officials to discuss and understand the infrastructure issues in both downtown and adjoining areas throughout the city.  Andrea Gregory is determined and already initiating the necessary dialogue to find a solution to our aging infrastructure.

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Andrea Gregory Aiken City Council District 5 is ready to talk Growth.  Growth in our city is instrumental for our future.  Our goal as adults is to create a city and environment that will entice our youth to want to stay here, make a living, or return to their hometown because there is true opportunity. 
Growth is an essential component needed to create opportunities for members of our community. 
Andrea Gregory Aiken City Council District 5 aims to achieve a balanced and "smart" growth approach.  Always keeping Tradition, History, and Aiken's Culture at the forefront of all potential growth plans.